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Fiberglass Battery Spill Pans

Leaks shouldn’t happen, but when they do,

be rest assured the spill is contained and easy to clean up

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ProGlass, Inc. Battery Spill Pans

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Our new Battery Spill Pan was specially designed for containment of leaks from stored batteries in substations and other electrical or non-electrical environments. 

Our spill pans are offered in a standard 60" x 24" size, with additional sizes available.


▪ Easily Installed: Our spill pans are a single, solid unit providing you the best protection.  If you have an extended battery rack, simply place the pans next to each other. We offer caulking material and absorbent pillows for added protection (additional costs may apply).

▪ Strong: High strength-to-weight ratio, built for durability and extended product life

▪ Significant level of containment: Approx. 4" base lip around perimeter to contain spills

▪ Safe: Fire-resistant fiberglass and resin used in construction


▪ Non-conductive and Corrosion Electrolyte Acid Resistant: Fiberglass construction provides resistance to corrosion, and prevents conductivity of electrical currents

▪ Quality:
Marine-grade, gel-coated fiberglass offers a U.V. resistant and non-corrosive, quality product.


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PO Box 581, Wauna, WA  98395

Phone: 1-253-884-4008

Fax: 1-253-884-5064

Email: sales@proglassinc.com


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