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Pedestrian Rated Trench Cover Cutting Guidelines

When A Special Cut is Needed for the Perfect Fit in the Field

Health & Safety Precautions

It is important for installers of fiberglass products to be property supplied with basic health and safety equipment such as:


1. Cotton/leather gloves and other body protection to avoid contact with and fiberglass materials.


2. Dust/particle masks or respirators to provide respiratory protection against dust associated with cutting fiberglass materials. Two possible products on the market are Moldex 2300 Dust and Mist Respirators, and Drager-Picco 20 Respirator Filter for Dust and Mist. Follow manufacturer's instructions.


3. Protective suits should be worn over clothing to provide protection from fibrous dust that can settle in the clothing or on the skin when cutting fiberglass materials. DuPont makes an excellent protective wear product called Tyvek Protective Wear.


4. Protective Eye-wear should be worn, especially when cutting Fiberglass materials.


The above listed items should be worn if workers will be cutting fiberglass materials and can be found at local home improvement or hardware stores.



Please note our H-20 rated road crossing trench covers cannot be cut.


ProGlass, Inc. pedestrian rated trench covers can be cut with the following recommendations, in addition to your local cutting safety procedures.


1. A cutting skill-saw or circular saw is recommended. Material should be cut slowly with a Masonry Concrete cutting blade or a diamond tip blade. For Sawzalls special carbide

fiberglass blades are recommended. Cut at a medium speed and do not force the blade or put side pressure on the blade.


2. Sealant is required. When a pedestrian trench cover is cut, plastic honeycomb will be exposed. That exposed area should be sealed with a high-grade exterior latex caulking or epoxy. We would recommend OSI Quad VOC Sealant, GE Weather-sealing SCS2000 Silicone Caulk, or 3M 4000UV Marine Adhesive Sealant for outside applications or (3M 5200 for inside applications)


Power Glass, Inc. DBA ProGlass, Inc. provides these notes for convenience purposes only.  Always take the maximum number of safety precautions available.

Power Glass, Inc. DBA ProGlass, Inc. assumes no responsibility. Please call with any questions: 253-884-4008. Thank you.

PO Box 581, Wauna, WA  98395

Phone: 1-253-884-4008

Fax: 1-253-369-4726

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