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Looking for an easy-to-use trench cover dimensions worksheet? Download one here and email it to us, or use our contact form on the website to upload it.

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Featured ProGlass Products


Trench Covers

Fiberglass trench covers are non-conductive, UV resistant, lightweight, and more.

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Transformer Box Pads

Superior weather-ability, corrosion resistant and high strength ensure a quality product.

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Ground Sleeves

High strength with the highest glass reinforcement content in the industry.

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Hillside Barriers

Exclusive use of double layers of 24 oz. woven roving reinforcement cloth.

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Splice Boxes

Generally tapered for nesting, reduces storage yard requirements.

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Switchgear Box Pads

Quality raw materials provide excellent resistance to corrosive elements.

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Battery Spill Pans

Spills shouldn't happen, but when they do, be sure it stays contained with our spill pans.

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PO Box 581, Wauna, WA  98395

Phone: 1-253-884-4008

Fax: 1-253-884-5064

Email: sales@proglassinc.com


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