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Choose ProGlass Fiberglass Products

When Quality and Safety Matter, We've Got You Covered

Why Choose ProGlass Fiberglass Products

Job Site Safety

All-fiberglass products prevent electrical conductivity, are easily installed, flame resistant, offer superior strength, and reduce job site hazards.

Durable & Long Lasting
Our products are constructed to endure extreme weather conditions (-70˚F to 212˚F). Our C-Type fiberglass and resin mix provide excellent resistance to corrosive elements in the surrounding grade.

Engineered for Excellence

We incorporate the highest quality materials available today.


Attractive Female Molds

Each product offers a smooth exterior finish that is more attractive and non-porous. Trench covers offer a non-skid, diamond-patterned traction surface for pedestrians or vehicles (H-20 ratings available upon request).



Our products are easier to handle for a quick installation, so there's no need for bring out the large machinery equipment.


Superior Strength

We use the highest glass reinforcement content in the industry, and incorporate double layers of 24-ounce woven roving reinforcement cloth for ultimate strength.


Marine Grade Gel-Coat Finish

We finish each product by coating them with one of the industry's finest U.V.-protectant gel coats available, increasing the longevity of your product. The marine grade gel-coat finish even gives 9x the abrasion resistance of non-gel-coated products and is more resistant to string trimmers.


Easily Stacked & Stored

Many of our products are of compact size, and are generally tapered for nesting, reducing your yard storage requirements.

Literature & Specifications

We boast about our products because we believe in them. Read why.


Underground Fiberglass Box Specifications

Utility Products Magazine – Product Featured

Fiberglass Boat Longevity Article

Test Reports:

The results you find in the test results may surprise you - we go above and beyond any AASHTO specifications required. We don't stop at minimal requirements - never have, never will. That's why we're ProGlass.


Smith Emery - T4832.5

Smith Emery - T6030

Smith Emery - T5136

Smith Emery - T3836

Metcut – HT Series

PNL - HT6037

Before & After

Photos showing pre- and post-installation results.

PO Box 581, Wauna, WA  98395

Phone: 1-253-884-4008

Fax: 1-253-369-4726

Email: sales@proglassinc.com


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