Fiberglass Trench Covers

Fiberglass Trench Covers

Eliminate the hassle of handling awkward and overweight trench covers made from concrete or steel. Choose fiberglass trench covers.

Throughout the world, fiberglass trench covers are quickly replacing rotted-out wood covers, crumbling concrete, and warped steel. When you choose our fiberglass trench covers, you’re choosing quality, lightweight product that will withstand the test of time. Test results are available on our’ Why Choose Fiberglass’ page. Give us a call today, and let’s get started: 1-253-884-4008.

Lightweight: All fiberglass composite covers are easy to install with minimal manpower requirements, eliminating the need for excess manpower and large machinery, reducing on-the-job injuries associated with lifting.

Easily Accessible: Lifting pins on each pedestrian & H20 cover provide easy access.

Safety: Fiberglass construction prevents conductivity of electrical currents, eliminates the need for grounding, and offers a Class II fire-resistant finish (with a Class I fire-retardant finish option available). Each cover is made with a super non-skid diamond-patterned surface. Also available with flame retardant resin.

Superior Weatherability: Our products are constructed to endure extreme weather conditions (-70˚F to 212˚F). Our C-Type fiberglass and resin mix provides excellent resistance to corrosive elements in the surrounding grade. Marine-grade, gel-coated fiberglass offers a U.V. resistant and non-corrosive, quality product that is highly resistant to chemical or natural deterioration.

Durable: High Strength with the highest glass reinforcement content in the industry and exclusive use of double layers of 24 oz. Woven roving reinforcement cloth support an extra long product life.

Trench Covers Info Sheet

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Trench Profile Form Worksheet

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With many sizes already in stock, along with our ability to handle virtually any custom work you need, your covers will fit securely on or in the trench. We keep things simple: send us your site drawing and we’ll send you a quote.


The high-quality raw materials we use during fabrication ensure your new trench covers are UV-resistant, non-conductive, and able to tolerate extreme temperatures. Steel will warp and rust, wood will rot, and concrete will crack and crumble. Avoid the hassle and expense of reinstalling lids in a few years – choose virtually indestructible fiberglass.


Our fiberglass trench covers are non-conductive. With no need for grounding, you save valuable resources. Job site safety remains a priority with our non-skid surface and light weight. Reduce workplace injuries and manpower requirements. Choose quality – choose safety.

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Choose From Two Styles of Pedestrian-Rated Covers:

1. Over-The-Top Covers

(rest on top of the trench and feature runners for added stability)

2. Drop-In Trench Covers:

(rest on trench ledge)

Lifting Pins: All pedestrian-rated trench covers with lifting pins will have a 1/4″± hole drilled into the lifting pin pockets for drainage.

Pedestrian Rated: 200-pound-per-square-foot available for normal pedestrian traffic. Pedestrian-rated covers are field-cuttable to fit your unique jobsite requirements.

Pedestrian Rated Trench Cover Field Cutting Instructions:

Sizing Chart: Pedestrian-Rated Trench Covers

*Thickness varies upon application

**All weights are ± 10%

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H-20 Rated Trench Covers Rest on the Ledge of The Trench

H-20 and HS-20 Rated Available: We can manufacture virtually any fiberglass trench cover for any application including both pedestrian and H-20/HS-20 ratings. Custom trench covers can be fabricated to virtually any configuration for new or replacement cover requirements. We have successfully produced over 200,000 trench covers. Our H-20 and HS-20 trench cover load tests exceeded 40,000 lbs.

*Thickness varies upon application

**All weights are ± 10%

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